Our Community Theatre partner is TRAM Direct. The company works with the local community offering opportunities to be part of Community Drama either in an acting capacity or behind the scenes with wardrobe, stage management, sound, lighting or front of house. We encourage volunteers and recognise that involvement in the performing arts can offer an opportunity to enhance self-confidence, self-esteem and to also have an enjoyable time in the process.
You can read more about TRAM Direct here:


Fun, hard exercise in a unique and atmospheric nightclub environment!
Since the start of 2012 we have been running a new and unique fitness bootcamp in the SHED nightlclub.The bootcamp runs for either 12 or 16 consecutive weeks, with various sessions available every night during the week as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. We also run a day bootcamp (10am) and offer a childcare facility ( available at day classes only) It entails intense exercise sessions incorporating weight training, core work, mobility work and body weight exercises. There is also an onsite physiotherapy service included in the cost. 
If you are interested in getting involved contact Patrick via this page or email: or PHONE 07834 839 559 for more details.


CHAT is a campaign created to encourage people to stay safe on nights out.

The word CHAT is an acronym for a series of key safety messages and general advice on how to keep in contact with friends and get home safely on nights-out

To promote CHAT, which is supported by Police Scotland, Community Safety Glasgow and Glasgow Taxis, safety cards with useful contact details will be issued to customers visiting the club. Information will also be launched on social media and The Shed’s website.
We all have a moral obligation, in one way or another, to protect and support vulnerable people so that no harm will come to them on a night-out. CHAT is our way of highlighting the importance of keeping in contact with friends and the measures we have in place to ensure people get home safely.
For more info: STAY SAFE AND CHAT


In addition to the above we actively involve ourselves with local business associations, community council, local residents, fundraising campaigns and local events such as the Southside fringe to help promote and drive Shawlands in a socially responsible way along with being a key business and employer in the local area.
If you feel there is an area we can improve or think we can be of a positive benefit please email us on